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I saw the most horrible disgusting thing in my life the other day.

"Bratz Pirate Treasures"

It made me freeze, gasp, and my lower lip quiver. It is the most insulting thing that I have EVER seen in my life of piracy.

Yes, I agree the fad of PotC is dying out, but now it has turned to pre-teens who have no idea about the true life of a pirate. They will only plaster themselves with Calico Jack's signature jolly roger and prance around going "Shiver me timbers" and "Walk the Plank!"

Oh Davey Jones, it hurts.

Not only that, they have fallen into sterotypical pirate behavior. Such as walking the plank, eye patches and burried treasure.

What will happen next?

-A very worried Pirate lass,
Cap'n Tref.
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